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Legal software

Wolters Kluwer Legal Software delivers cloud and on premise software to manage small to medium law firms, corporate legal departments and notary’s offices. More than 74,000 Legal professionals use Wolters Kluwer Legal Software to streamline  their work. We are market-leader in Europe, entering US, serving customers in 13 countries, with local and central services.

At Wolters Kluwer Legal Software you work in a team of legal and technology experts. Every day, we strive to create solutions that help legal professionals focus on what matters. Therefore we provide our customers with three innovative products:

  1. Kleos: a Legal practice management tool, to manage cases, tasks, due dates and billing, and to track time and performances.
  2. Legisway: our Legisway portfolio combines legal and software expertise to bring real-world intelligence to leading-edge technology solutions. Our all-in-one solutions empower legal professionals to boost efficiency and increase collaboration across the business, transforming the CLD into a catalyst for business progress, and preparing it for the challenges of tomorrow, today.
  3. DictNow: innovative document drafting through dictation and speech recognition.


"Every customer likes it if you are passionate about your profession"

Mick de Blok is a Senior Business Consultant for Legisway, a product that falls within the Legal Software unit of Wolters Kluwer. They offer digital tools to the legal departments of companies, among other to manage shareholder structures, legal entities and claims. "As a project manager and consultant, I supervise the implementation of our platform for new customers, and I offer existing customers advice. My goal is to increase their success with our products."

Mick started two and a half years ago, as a junior, and rose in record time to a senior position. For now, he is remaining where he is, to reflect. "This leadership role fits me like a glove. For now, I would like to get better at what I do."

Lately, Mick increasingly works for customers abroad, and he experiences how great the cultural differences can be. "But no matter where you go: around the world, customers like it if you are passionate about your profession and interested in their business."

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