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"The standards are high in this international working environment"

Caroline Arkesteijn is Quality Assurance & Support Manager Product Solutions at GPO. She works in an international environment and regularly travels abroad to meet with colleagues. Her biggest challenge is to deliver enterprise-wide quality assurance (QA) standards, which is what she is currently involved in. Caroline has a lot of freedom at Wolters Kluwer. "Our culture is all about entrepreneurship. There is space for good ideas. Because the company is result-oriented, you have a lot of freedom to organize your own work. That flexibility encourages me to give my very best. I can see that in my colleagues, too. The standards are high, and we work hard. It is an inspiring working environment.”

Caroline Arkesteijn: "I am Quality Assurance & Support Manager Product Solutions at Wolter Kluwers’ Global Platform Organization (GPO). Our colleagues from the business units ask us to come up with new-tech solutions and to develop those for Wolter Kluwer’s customers. GPO is an international group. At our office in Alphen aan den Rijn, more than half of the staff is from another country – varying from Egypt to Canada – and we cooperate with colleagues all over the world. Skype and conference calls are the order of the day, especially in the afternoon between two and six, which is when most of the colleagues we work with on other continents are available, too. We travel a lot as well, because it is important that you meet each other at regular intervals. I go abroad about four times a year, but some colleagues go much more often. My travels bring me to sites where I would normally never go, such as Minsk in Belarus, or Debrecen in Hungary. For that, I gladly conquer my fear of flying."


Driven and result-oriented

"Working with people from other cultures gives you a broader perspective, and it creates a dynamic atmosphere.  Everyone is driven and result-oriented. The standards are high everywhere. We use 'agile' and 'lean' to reach 'high-tech solutions’ compatible with the customer’s needs - or even exceeding them. We don’t think in products either, but in value, which is what we want to create for our customers. Even though Wolters Kluwer is a large organization, you are stimulated as an entrepreneur. That appeals to me. What is great too, is that flexible working, in terms of both time and work place, is quite normal here. It allows me to do my work well, and still be there for my family."


New York

“Three years ago, I started setting up the testing process of an eReader-project. That is heading in the right direction; in the meantime, we are rolling out the same principles in other projects as well. I am currently setting up this standard method for all of GPO as well. In that respect, we need to clarify how we define and use ‘agile’ and ‘lean’ within Wolters Kluwer. I'll be leaving for New York soon, to accomplish this with colleagues and to make the roadmap for next year."


QA Standards

"My biggest challenge is to standardize QA as much as possible within Wolters Kluwer, for all business units and projects, to ensure that we use company-wide QA standards, such as tooling and processes. It is going to take a lot of work to achieve that, but we are already making good progress. I recently attended a conference, where I met with colleagues from other companies. I told them about the generic test frameworks we deploy to test application programming interfaces (APIS) and user interfaces. I received admiring comments; people thought it very special that we have arranged this already. Those are the times that I realize that we really foster innovation at Wolters Kluwer. It is a lot of fun to be part of that."

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