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Global Business Services (GBS)

At Global Business Services (GBS), we ensure that all Wolters Kluwer employees have the IT needed to operate properly. We focus on, among other, networking, hosting, data warehousing, SAP, and Office 365.

GBS is active worldwide and has offices in 14 countries, of which the United States and The Netherlands are the largest. Our aim is to maximise the use of the same tools and techniques within Wolters Kluwer. This requires creativity and a broad technical knowledge of our engineers and architects. An international mindset is at least as important, as most the projects are cross-border, and the teams also consist of colleagues from varied international backgrounds. That provides a dynamic atmosphere, in which we work hard to develop the best solutions. At the same time, GBS has an informal culture, with room for other cultures and traditions. Together, we work to make Wolters Kluwer successful.


“You are most productive when you feel good about yourself”

Jami Kiran is a Solution Architect at the Global Business Services (GBS) department. He daily works on issues in enterprise monitoring, data consolidation, security and networking. "My work is very dynamic and interesting. I am learning about new developments and technology all the time. Not only in training courses, seminars, and workshops, but also during projects. We call that ‘evolving throughout the journey’. I know of very few companies with more opportunities for IT specialists." Jami travels a great deal with international colleagues, to work on solution designs, business cases and schedules. He works hard, but appreciates that Wolters Kluwer also attaches great value to a proper balance between work and private life. "My manager addresses that issue if he thinks that I work too hard and should pay more attention to my family or my development. At Wolters Kluwer, they understand that you are most productive when you feel good about yourself."

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